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True Dating isn’t your regular dating events company. Why? Because regular dating events suck. Trust us, we’ve been to them, a lot, so we thought it was time to give Londoners what they deserve. Really fun, really well organised - and most importantly - really successful dating events.

For those looking for love nowadays, dating apps are tedious and frustrating. Dating websites are too time consuming. As for approaching someone in a bar, this isn’t 2002 anymore.

Live, in-person, real events with real people are the best way to meet a lot of people all looking for that special someone, in a short amount of time while having a really fun night in the process.

Meeting people and finding love should be a fun and exciting experience. We think that's been lost, so our mission is to recharge the romance and create that spark that can only happen between two people meeting face-to-face. If you attend our events, we hope you'll feel we are succeeding!

Stop swiping. Start dating.



So what makes our events different from all the others? Because these are singles events for single people, run by single people. We know what makes a great event and we have the best hosts on hand to ensure you get the most out of your night. This is really where we think we stand out.

Our hosts are going to be like your best friend. Supportive, encouraging and really annoying if they think you fancy someone. But seriously, our hosts are there to make you feel welcome and enjoy the night. They promise to help create a fantastic atmosphere at each of our events. 

We run speed dating events on a weekly basis and singles parties and social mixers on a monthly basis, all over London. Our events will cover different age ranges so there will be something for everyone. As much as we love you, we don’t want you to become regular customers. Our events aren’t designed for you to keep coming back but for you to make the most of them and find someone special. The more weddings, the better!

And we are so sure you will meet at least one person at your first event that you’d like to see again that we offer that exact guarantee - if you don’t, then your  next event is on us!

What have you got to lose? Ditch that app, book an event and get ready for a great night out!


Our Story

Founded in 2019, True Dating was formed by a team of singletons who were sick of regular dating events. We'd tried them all and found the same problems. Terrible venues, unequal ratio of men to women, uninterested hosts, we could keep going....so we thought why not create an alternative? Hire fantastic venues suitable for meeting people. Recruit brilliant hosts who actually care about our customers and interact with them throughout the night. And make them reasonably priced.

We believe our events are unrivalled for atmosphere and sheer fun. Dating events can seem intimidating if you've never tried them before. But they are a brilliant way of getting off the apps and dating websites. You'll get the opportunity to talk to lots of people who are there for the same reason you are. Whether you find love or just have a really great time out, you'll wonder why you hadn't tried it before. 


Our Mission

We offer the best hosted singles events in London. We want everyone who attends one of our events to get value for money, meet lots of single people and find long lasting romance. 


Our Vision

An alternative to what's already out there, we hope to become the leading singles events company in London. If you try a True Dating event you'll have at the very least a fantastic night out!

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