Sexual Health in 2020...What You Need To Know

Sexual Health in 2020...What You Need To Know

The year 2020 has brought on a whole slew of variations in the ways people learn, work, and date.

As humans, we generally adapt and flow with the current of change, and the challenges brought on by the past year have not been an exception.

However, while many aspects of life within our "new normal" are unique to the situation, one thing remains constant; casual and online dating. There is no question that the ability to swipe right has caused a more relaxed dating atmosphere, but as more of these swipes end in face to face meetings, how are people feeling about their sexual health in 2020?

Casual Sex Isn't for Everyone

It turns out, even in the backward year that is 2020, casual sex isn't for everyone. This is to be expected, as each person holds their own viewpoints on dating and sexuality. Your take on casual sex must fit your personality, morals, and true feelings on the subject.

Otherwise, you're not acting authentic to yourself, which may lead to a whole other range of emotions and psychological upsets. Each side of this story is correct, as long as the person telling it feels fantastic about their choices.


Sex is a Personal Choice

Even with the consistent utilization of the internet to meet people, many singles in major cities such as London or New York feel that sex is incredibly personal. This outlook doesn't necessarily mean that it shouldn't be casual but specific to individuals.

The bottom line for most singles that partake in casual dating is that sex, when practiced safely and consensually, is a healthy and expressive part of the human experience, no matter how many partners you've had or have. The general consensus on casual dating doesn't lack concern for accidental pregnancies or the transmission of sexual diseases.

Instead, it takes a viewpoint of doing what you want, within the boundaries of what makes you and the person you are with feel secure and respected, even if that person is a one night stand. Also, casual dating doesn't have to involve sex. There is a collective belief that sexual pressure has no place in casual dating (or any relationship, for that matter).

Setting Sexual Boundaries

If there's one thing that brings those that date casually together, it's the belief in setting boundaries, whether sexual or emotional. Dating casually can become confusing when you're not sure what you want, and the feelings you've got about your sexual health will get lost in the mix.

It's important to remain your best version of yourself at all times. If that means setting and redefining your sexual boundaries as your relationship views change and evolve, then so be it.

Defining Sex on a Global Scale

People's feelings about their sexual health in 2020 differ by individual, country, and continent. You'll be hard-pressed to find two people that feel exactly the same, and so often, we cannot measure these emotions based on a survey or general consensus.

However, control over sexual health is an ever-growing topic of conversation. From personal blogs to politics, sex and casual dating get a lot of attention. Safety and respect top the list of must-have guidelines, but individual opinions remain now, and always will be, deeply personal.

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